Just Deserts.. Cold Deserts

It doesn’t sound like it could possibly be true, considering the fact that the surface of Antarctica is made of 98% ice. But it is truly a desert due to low rainfall.


The rainfall is only 8″ annually around the coast, in the center of the continent the amount is much less.


Antarctica Facts

– Antarctica is the last region on Earth in recorded history to be discovered and colonized by humans.

– Nobody owns the continent. It is classified as “a natural reserve, devoted to peace and science.”

– In 1959, the Antarctic Treaty was drafted, which designated it as a protected area, 48 nations have signed the treaty.

– It is the only continent without a time zone, however up to around 5,000 scientists live there during the summer.

– The annual average temperature is -58° F. And the lowest temperature ever recorded there was -128.5° F, in 1983.

– If global warming were to cause its ice sheets to melt, which would cause ocean levels across the world to rise by 200-210 feet.

– There are no permanent residents. The only people who live there are visiting scientists. During the summer, the number averages about 5,000. In the winter, it drops to 1,000.

– In 2000, one of the biggest icebergs ever recorded broke free from the Ross ice shelf. It was 183 miles long and 23 miles wide, with a surface area of 4,250 square miles above water – and 10 times bigger below. Imagine if Connecticut was solid ice.


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