It appears that the Chris Farley Shrek movie was in the beginning of production when he died of an accidental overdose. The story reel footage was released in August of 2015.

chris farley shrek


Chris Farley Shrek

Farley was finished recording around 85% of the dialogue and lines as Shrek. But he passed away before completion. So after considering hiring Farley voice impersonators the producers and directors decided to just recast the role of Shrek. As I’m sure you know, and have seen they cast Mike Myers.

After he joined the project Myers insisted that the entire script be rewritten. He did not want to star in the Chris Farley version of the movie.

The footage below exploded online after it’s release, with many people speculating on which version of the film would be better. Many also think that the movie could have explored much deeper themes. Interestingly enough the original cast of the film also included Janeane Garofolo as Fiona. She was later replaced by Cameron Diaz. However Eddie Murphy was kept as Donkey throughout the production.


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