Coyote Vs. Roadrunner

The age old fight: Coyote Vs Roadrunner has been captivating audiences since 1949. Everyone loves an underdog, and Roadrunner was definitely a good underdog to root for!

coyote vs roadrunner

As much as I hate to burst the cartoon bubble, but it’s true.. The Roadrunner would never be able to outrun the Coyote. It certainly makes for great television, and it makes me very sad that the Coyote would catch the roadrunner, but that is the circle of life!

Coyote Vs Roadrunner

– Roadrunners can only run at a top speed of around 20 MPH
– Coyotes have an average top speed of 42.9 MPH
– Roadrunners are capable of flying short distances AND they mate for life.
– Like coyotes they are very territorial, and will defend their territory with their lives.
So who knows, maybe Coyote and Roadrunner could have been friends… If they had only been able to speak to each-other.

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