Crocodile can’t stick it’s tongue out

I bet you didn’t know that a crocodile cant stick its tongue out! Many people confuse alligators and crocodiles because they look alike. They are in fact two different species with many differences. For instance crocodiles and alligators both have tongues but, only the alligator can stick its tongue out. Either way, both species are incredibly dangerous as well as one of the longest living species. 

A Crocodile Can’t Stick its Tongue Out

a crocodile cant stick its tongue out

Fun Facts about Crocodile Tongues

A crocodile’s tongue does not move. The tongue is actually held in place at the roof of the mouth by a membrane. Since crocodiles spend a lot of time underwater the tongue helps keep the throat closed. This protects the animals airway. Unlike many other species of animal the tongue plays no important role in the feeding process.

Now, crocodile’s are true carnivores, they eat no plant materials whatsoever. They are native to Africa and pray on and consume large mammals. They are often caught when they stop to drink, or cross waterways and rivers. Crocodiles to prey on small species like birds, and their jaws are able to crush their prey in quick snaps. Rather than with large mammals which may take a few snaps to eliminate their prey.

They will even go after the largest mammal on earth. The elephant. That’s amazing enough in itself. Just looking at the preview for the video below shows you how much bigger an Elephant is vs the crocodile.



Would you be crazy enough to actually feed a GIANT crocodile? This guy is:

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