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babys are born on their due date 4% of the time

They really shouldn’t call it a due date, it really is just an estimation. The calculation is made by using the date of the last period and adding 280 days. But doctors consider a pregnancy to be full term at any time after 37 weeks, or 259 days. Most mothers don’t understand that it is really only an estimation. Most babies are born within the two weeks surrounding that estimated date.

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The most interesting thing that I learned while researching this is that if two women are given the same due date there is only a 0.2% chance that they will both have their babies on that same due date. However the likelihood that they may have their babies on the same day in general is around 1 in 30. It’s such an astronomical difference in statistics, just because it is so unlikely that you will have your baby on the actual estimated due date!

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