Grey Elephants Can’t Jump


The elephant isn’t the only mammals that can’t jump, but they are the largest!

the elephant cant jump

Some scientists believe that this is because although they are very strong in other respects they have relatively weak lower legs and inflexible ankles, and in order to properly jump you have to have really flexible ankles and really strong Achilles tendons and calf muscles. It also might be because of their large bulk.

Elephant facts!

– Elephants rarely get cancer

– They cannot run faster than 15 MPH

– They have very complex social lives

-When elephants run they do not go airborne, which means that they always have at least one foot on the ground

– They are the largest land animal in the world. Think about it, does anything else come close? The largest ever recorded African Elephant clocked in at almost 11,000 kilograms. That’s 24,250 pounds!

– They can hear with their feet. Which isn’t exactly true they aren’t ears. The feed are very sensitive and can detect vibrations through the ground. They work similar to the way our ears detect vibration, and translate that into our brains. This skill allows them to alert to danger when it comes close.

– They don’t like peanuts. Even though cartoons and movies show elephants loving peanuts its a fable. They don’t eat peanuts in the wild and they are no part of their diet.

The Elephant In The Room – There are also other animals that can’t jump, so elephants aren’t the only one.

  • Sloths can’t jump
  • Rhinos can’t jump
  • Hippos can’t jump

Now you know, they really aren’t the only one.


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