Charlie Who?

Fun Facts About Charlie Chaplin

charlie chaplin entered a charlie chaplin look a like contest and lost

According to some newspaper reports of the time an actress named Mary Pickford who was good friends with Chaplin. He told the story at a party thrown by Lord and Lady Desborough. “Charlie Chaplin was at a fair in the United States one day. The principal attraction was a competition as to who could imitate the Charlie Chaplin walk. The real Charlie thought there might be a chance for him, and so he entered for the performance, minus his celebrated mustache and his boots. He was a frightful failure and came in twentieth.” Obviously this isn’t definitely guaranteed to be true, this wasn’t the time when everything was filmed.

There are other clippings that reference the same main players, Mary Pickford, The Desboroughs, and Chaplin. So this is proof enough for me that it’s true enough! Chaplin was a good sport and had a good sense of humor about it. He reportedly told a reporter at the time he wasn’t upset at having lost, but he was “tempted to give lessons in the Chaplin walk, out of pity as well as in the desire to see the thing done correctly.” I couldn’t find actual proof of this, but I thought I would include it anyway.


After Chaplin’s films became popular the population began to suffer from “Chaplinitis” it wasn’t really suffering, but they were obsessed. You could compare it to the current Kardashian obsession. Anyway, look-alike contests became a popular form of entertainment. One contest, held in Cleveland Ohio in either 1915 or 1916 was reportedly won by a 12 year old boy named Lester Hope. He would later be known as Bob Hope, one of the most influential comedic actors of our time.

– Charlie Chaplin’s remains were dug up and stolen three months after his death. They were then ransomed back to his family 2.5 months later. Talk about a messed up afterlife.

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