Gaining Time

Time is money, and time is life. Use your time wisely!


That’s right, getting up an hour earlier consistently every day for a year will do wonders for you! I did the math myself and it’s true, you gain a whole 15 days of productivity just by getting up an hour earlier. If you sacrifice that one hour of sleep every day just imagine what you can get done!

What to do with your extra hour?

– Learn a language

  • You can learnĀ French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, or Spanish in around 480 hours, so that means that if you work on it for one hour a day it will take you roughly 1.3 years to learn a new language, how crazy is that!

– Have time to cook better food! If you take that extra hour and channel it into meal prep you can make meals for your whole day!

– Catch up with an old friend!

– Start a new hobby! Take up crocheting, or writing, or whatever strikes your fancy! Find something that you love and in an hour a day you’ll be an expert in no time!

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