It’s true! The modern helmet logos came from a whim by one of the players on the team!

helmet logos

Helmet Logos

The logo was created by LA Rams halfback Fred Gerhke in 1948, because he was trained in art. Gerhke himself hand-painted the leather helmets. He had played for the Rams in Cleveland in 1940 & 1945, and in LA from 1946-1949. In 1949, Riddell started making plastic shell helmets with the Rams logo.

Helmet Facts

  • Until 1949 the Ram’s helmets were made of leather, after 1949 they were made of plastic.
  • Though their colors have changed a couple of times, the design on the helmets has remained the same since 1948.
  • The rams are currently working on a new stadium, and also a new uniform.

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