Dinosaur Noises

Among other noises, but it’s true! The sounds made by mating tortoises were used to make some of the most iconic Jurassic Park sounds we know today!

Jurassic Park Sounds

Jurassic Park Sounds

A multitude of different sounds went into making the sounds in Jurassic Park! For instance the following sounds were mixed together to make the Velociraptor noises.
– Dolphin screams.
– Walruses bellowing.
– Geese hissing.
– An African crane’s mating call.
– Tortoises mating.
– Human rasps.

More Raptor Facts

  • Real life Velociraptors are thought to be much smaller than the movie’s depictions.
  • Not long before the movie was released the Utahraptor was discovered. It is similar to the true Velociraptor, but much larger. It was so similar to the film’s raptor that filmmakers joked that they made it and then scientists found it.
  • For the attack on character Robert Muldoon and some parts of the kitchen scene, the raptors were played by men in suits.

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