Karma Chamel-e-on-man!

Move over Godzilla! Who needs terrifying razor sharp teeth when you’re as fast as this guy?

To put this in a little perspective for you, a 2018 Honda Accord Sport hits 0-60 MPH in 7.2 seconds.

“That’s extremely high. It’s the highest acceleration and power output of all the amniotes, which includes reptiles, birds, and mammals,” Anderson says.

National Geographic

So, if it comes down to it, these Chameleons would be absolutely terrifying, if they weren’t the size of my thumb!

This is “Rhampholeon spinosus“, an endangered species of chameleon found in Tanzania.

Image Source, man.

The study that documented the speed of this little guy’s tongue was conducted by Christopher Anderson, a postdoctoral student in vertebrate morphology at Brown University.

The “Rhampholeon spinosus” can shoot its tongue out 2.5 times the length of its body at about 8,500 feet per second.

The Smithsonian

Like I said, Godzilla, step aside, there’s a tiny guy who, with the help of some Marvel-esque interference, could be next in line for the crown!

Image Source

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