Medical Roller Coaster

Of all of the crazy medical facts I have read this kidney stone remedy is the craziest! Riding a roller coaster could help you pass a kidney stone?!

kidnry kidney stone remedystone remedy

Kidney Stone Remedy

There is a lot of pseudo-science out there when it comes to finding a real remedy to help you pass a kidney stone. But this has to be the most ridiculous one!

So here’s the science behind this remedy. Basically the doctors who did the study got the idea after multiple patients claimed to have passed small stones shortly after riding coasters. So they made a silicon model of the inside of a kidney. They filled it with urine and kidney stones and then proceeded to ride Thunder Mountain at Disney World 20 times. They found that in most of the tests small stones were moved to the top of the ureter after the ride was over. This means that they will be more easily passed than they would if they were left to grow larger.

It’s pretty cool if you think about it, you would get to have fun and avoid more intense future pain!

Here is a link to the JAOA medical study so that you can read it yourself!

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