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There just happens to be something called Lazarus Syndrome. As a result of this condition at least 38 people have come back from the dead since 1982!

lazarus syndrome


Lazarus Syndrome

Basically, it is the return of circulation after failed attempts at resuscitation.

It takes its name from Lazarus in the Bible.

First, not a lot is known about why this occurs. Some scientists think that it might be because of pressure built up in the chest. This might occur after lengthy CPR. The relaxation of pressure after resuscitation efforts have ended may allow the heart to expand. This could trigger the heart’s electrical impulses and restart the heart.

At least 8 cases have actually had happy endings. These occurrences have had little to no neurological complications. Many patients recover fully.

However, the Lazarus phenomenon raises ethical issues for physicians. They must determine when medical death has occurred, and resuscitation efforts should end. Also, they have to decide when postmortem procedures such as autopsies and organ harvesting may take place.

Medical literature has recommended observation of a patient’s vital signs for five to ten minutes after resuscitation ends, and before certifying death.

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