Television History

As far as number of seasons go The Simpsons wins this award by 9. However the longest running TV show as far as episodes is Gunsmoke.

Longest Running TV Show


Longest Running TV Show

Gunsmoke was on the air for twenty years, from 1955-1975. It consisted of 635 episodes, and The Simpsons only has 624 to date. Obviously The Simpsons will take over this record very soon, as long as there are no complications!

Other notable long running series’ are:

    • Law and Order, it ran for 20 seasons and had 456 episodes.
    • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, so far it has run for 19 seasons and has 418 episodes.
    • Lassie, it ran for 17 seasons and had 547 episodes.

This list is obviously just US television, there are series around the world that have run for much longer!

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