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That’s right, as of the last official census the median marriage length in the US is 8 years.

marriage length

Marriage Length Facts

– Interestingly, the average marriage length is 12.2 years in New York. That is about the only statistic by state that I could find.
– The myth of a 50% divorce rate is just that, a myth. The US has a 41% divorce rate, many American couples are choosing to stay together.
– The number of marriages in the US in 2016: 2,140, 272.
– Divorce rates in 2005 were four times the divorce rates in 1955.
– Prior to the 1970s, divorcing spouses had to prove that the other spouse was at fault. For instance for being guilty of adultery, abandonment, or cruelty; when spouses simply could not get along, lawyers were forced to manufacture “uncontested” divorces.
– The less you spend on your wedding, the more likely you are to stay married.

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