Crazy, but true! From data collected, in October 2017, the number of Netflix subscribers had hit 109.25 million worldwide. There were 52.77 million in the United States, which is nearly half. The US certainly loves to stream!

netflix subscribers


We are definitely a culture that wants the world at its fingertips, and we certainly have it thanks to Netflix!

Netflix Subscribers

– Netflix released an estimated 126 original series or films in 2016. This is more than any other network or cable channel.
– In 2000, Netflix offered to be acquired by Blockbuster for $50 million, but the offer was declined,
– According to a Nielsen survey in July 2011, 42% of Netflix users used a standalone computer, 25% used the Wii, 14% by connecting computers to a television, 13% with a PlayStation 3 and 12% an Xbox 360.
– House of Cards was the first Netflix Original program to be released on the platform.
– In a rare discussion of a Netflix show’s ratings, Netflix executives have commented that Orange Is The New Black is Netflix’s most-watched original series.

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