Now That’s A Helmet!

This helmet most likely costs twice what your house is worth.

f-35 pilots helmet cost 400000


At a hefty price of $400,000 apiece, this helmet costs more than the average house in the United States; but it might be magic!

The F-35 Lightning II pilot’s helmet is made of carbon fiber and Kevlar; the lens on the visor is made of a strong polycarbonate for impact protection.

The most interesting thing about this helmet isn’t what it’s made of, it’s what it can do. We all know what helmets are meant for, protecting your head from trauma. Many athletes wear them, as do soldiers, but this helmet isn’t just for protection, as I said, it’s almost magic.

The outside of the F-35 Lightning II features multiple cameras, and when the pilot is wearing the helmet, he or she can see through the plane, so to speak.

What does that mean? When the pilot moves their head, the cameras project an image from the associated outer camera onto the inside of the visor! The pilot no longer only sees through their own eyes, the plane allows them to see everything!

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