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Steven Spielberg is apparently more thanked than God.. Well, when it comes to Oscar acceptance speeches that is.

Oscar Acceptance Speeches

Oscar Acceptance Speeches

Quartz and the Atlas analyzed all Academy speeches from 1966-2016 and they found the following top ten:

1. Steven Spielberg had 43.
2. God had 34.
3. Harvey Weinstein also had 34.
4. James Cameron had 26.
5. Peter Jackson had 21.
6. George Lucas had 20.
7. Barrie Osborne had 16.
8. Billy Wilder had 12.
9. Bob Weinstein had 11.
10. Martin Scorsese, Frank Marshall and Jon Landau were all thanked 10 times.

I found some “honorable mentions, each of the following had multiple people thank them.

– Robert Redford.
– Tim Burton
– George Clooney


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You can see the Quartz article here! A lot of it has to do with the alleged sexual harassment perpetrated by Harvey Weinstein.

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