Sylvester Stallone wrote the Rocky script in just three and a half days! Granted, the first draft was only 89 pages long, but that is still very impressive!

Rocky Script

Rocky Script

Stallone actually turned down a $300,000 offer for the rights to his script. This would amount to $1 million dollars today! He turned it down because, he reportedly knew that he would seriously regret letting them make the film without him.

The studio had a lot of ideas of who they wanted to cast in the film. Some ideas were Robert Redford, Ryan O’Neal, Burt Reynolds, or James Caan. They were all big stars at the time. But Stallone wouldn’t budge. He insisted on being involved. And eventually the studio relented, they agreed to Stallone starring as long as the budget was kept small.

It’s a good thing that they decided to make the movie!! It is still watched and very relevant today!

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