Snack Crazy

Watch out for those free snacks, they sure can contain a lot of calories!


Calories and Counting

A 2011 study compiled data from 1977-2006 and came to a conclusion about snacking. It seems that the average American consumes around 580 calories per day just from snacking. Researchers debate whether this can be linked to the rise in obesity.

But one thing’s for sure, if you snack make sure you snack healthy! Fruits, veggies and low carb foods are always a good choice! And if you know that you aren’t really hungry just drink some water instead! I know, it doesn’t sound as tasty as that candy bar, but it will save you the calories!

Free Snacks at work

– Interestingly, a field study done at Google found that if the beverage stations are right next to the snacks, as opposed to a few feet away.
– The likelihood that men will grab a snack as well as a drink increased from 12% to 23%.
– For women it increased from 13% to 17% if they go to the drink station right next to the snacks.

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