That’s So-lar Powerful

Solar energy is very easy to harness, but in the US we aren’t taking advantage of the amount that we have access to!

solar energy

Scientists estimate that we are currently only harnessing 0.01% of the solar energy that it is possible for us to harness and use. Isn’t that nuts?! Just imagine what we could do if we converted more of our energy usage to Solar!

Solar Energy Hipsters

– The Greeks and Romans were the first to use solar energy in their designs. They built south facing windows in their homes that allowed the sun to heat and light indoor spaces.

– The Native Americans, ancient Chinese, Greeks, Romans, and pueblo peoples harnessed the sun. They used it to heat their homes in various other ways. And to think these cultures knew the uses of Solar. And we are just now heading back towards a possible global utilization of this energy.

– Though the sun is 90 million miles from the earth, it takes less than 10 minutes for light to travel from that much of distance.

– Space missions by various countries use this energy to power their spaceships.

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