Suntimes You Just Want To Be Outside

Everyone loves sunshine. Well, everyone except vampires. But did you know that there are certain times that you should avoid the sun?


When and Where Is the Sun Most Dangerous?

– UV radiation from the sun is especially damaging under certain conditions, including the following:
– from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
– from mid-Spring through mid-Fall
– at latitudes nearer the equator (like Florida)
– at higher altitudes
– when there is no thick cloud cover (and clouds only block 20 percent of UV rays)
– near water, snow, or other highly reflective surfaces

The damage gets worse over time, so if you find yourself in these conditions often, constant protection is a must. Remember that besides skin cancer, UV light can also cause cataracts and other eye problems, a weakened immune system, unsightly skin spots, wrinkles, and “leathery” skin.

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