Museum Madness!

More than thirty five thousand museums exist in the United States. Compare this to eight thousand Starbucks locations, and fourteen thousand McDonalds locations. Which is actually a really good thing! Through my research I found that there are a lot of strange museums, but a strange museum is better than none!

thirty five thousand museums

Thirty Five Thousand Museums

– Many people consider the “cultural capitol” of the US to be New York, however there are more museums in Los Angeles, 414 in NYC and 681 in LA.

– The top five cities as far as amount of museums are: LA, NYC, Chicago, San Diego and D.C.

– There are 3142 counties in the United States, and out of all of those there are only 175 without a recognized museum.

– Of the 25,000/35,000 museums with income data on file, 15,000 of them reported an annual income of less than $10,000 last year.

– There is a Hobo museum in Britt, Iowa. This museum is literally dedicated to the history of vagabonds and hobos.

– In Independence, Missouri there is a museum dedicated to HAIR and HAIR ART. Hair art is apparently a thing.

– If you are in Massachusetts you should check out the Museum of Bad Art! The museum houses a collection of what they call art that is too bad to be ignored.

– Last one, in Hartford, CT there is a literal trash museum. The Hobo Museum displays the “temple of trash” which is a giant sculpture made of trash.

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And if you love museums go to and visit a museum today!

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